DUBLIN / The Best Of Tour - KAT & Roman Kostrzewski, supported by Pedophile Priests and The Sixpounder

28.10.16 @ The Grand Social (The Loft)

The Best Of Tour KAT & Roman Kostrzewski October 2016

The legendary Polish thrash metal band KAT & Roman Kostrzewski is touring the UK and Ireland this month! Lately, their album has been mentioned by TeamRock as one of 10 of the best black metal albums from the 1980s! You will hear The Best Of KAT & Roman Kostrzewski songs from all the times! Get ready for an amazing journey to the metal history!

Supported by Pedophile Priests The Sixpounder! BIOs and music below



The Grand Social 

35 Lr Liffey Street, Dublin, Irlandia



End: 22:00


Ticket price: £20 pre-sale, £26 OTD, £40 VIP sold out

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/495248667343254


Age restrictions: 18+


VIP tickets

- Priority entry to the show

- Souvenir t-shirt or album (your choice but depends also on the availability) from the band (pick up before the concert)

- Meet & Greet with KAT (18:20!!)

- A3 poster from the tour, signed by KAT


BIO Pedophile Priests / www.pedophilepriests.bandcamp.com

Pedophile Priests was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 by guitarist and vocalist Piotr „Niemiec" Niemczewski.
As a enthusiast of extreme playing Piotr invited to cooperate in the work on the formation of debut album another maniac of brutal music, drummer - Lukasz „Lucass“ Krzesiewicz whose ultra fast style of playing completed upcoming destruction.

Both originally from Poland, currently based in Ireland and Norway incorporate nearly two decades of solid music writing and musical experiences that they bring from their past and present projects. Piotr’s metal approach to music writing and his guitar technique were perfected throughout the years in death metal bands such as Mortis Dei, Puki Mahlu or Lady Maggot and Łukasz in Esqarial, Sammath Naur, Gnida...
In this line-up in spring 2015 Pedophile Priests have finished recording their full-length debut album entitled "Dark Transgression of the Soul"

In April 2015 former musician of Thy Worshiper and Pineal Gland - Krystian „Kruszon" Mistarz joined the band as a permanent drummer.
In August 2015, band signed record deal with Metal Scrap Records.
In November 2015 bassist Krystian Mazur joined the band. (Former member of Dioxide, Dust, Self Defence, Cadaverous, Hibernia and current musician of Thy Worshiper (bass), Dawamesk B2 (bass) also involved in the PinalGland)
Metal Scrap Records released 
debut album entitled "Dark Transgression of the Soul" worldwide at 7th of December 2015. 

Since January 2016 Pedophile Priest started play regular gigs.
In February Krystian Mazur has decided part ways with the band and currently P.P. is looking for replacement.

Pedophile Priests is:
Piotr „Niemiec“ Niemczewski - guitars and vocals
Krystian „Kruszon" Mistarz - drums


BIO The Sixpounder / www.thesixpounder.com


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The Sixpounder came into life in the year 2006, in Wroclaw. The band was formed by two individuals – guitarist and songwriter Pawel Ostrowski and  vocalist Filip Salapa. The latest line-up formed in 2008 with the addition of guitarist Michal Wozniak, bassist Jaroslaw Grzeszczyk and drummer Artur Konarski. With the line-up completed the band started touring.


In 2010 the band recorded it’s debut album „Going To Hell? Permission Granted!”, which the band released later in 2011. During the same year, the lead singer of The Sixpounder took part in the first edition of „The Voice Of Poland” where he has been scouted by Universal Music Group, who later on offered to re-release the debut album making The Sixpounder the first Polish metal band to be released by the label.


By the end of 2013, The Sixpounder started recording its second album titled „The Sixpounder”. The album featured guests Jacek Hiro (Sceptic), Vogg (Decapitated) & Peter (VADER). Mix and mastering has been made by Jacek Miłaszewski (Chimp Studio), and Universal Music has released the album. The album was promoted by very popular singles - „The Hourglass” i „Dead Man Walking”.


The band was on tour with Decapitated, Materia and Thy Disease on the verge of 2014/2015 and continued promoting its second, self-titled album.

In August of 2015 the band started recording their third studio album „True To Yourself” in Custom 34, while the mixing and mastering is taken care of by Daniel Bergstrand, the man known for sounds of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Meshuggah or In Flames.


The first single from the third album was released in February 2016, titled „True To Yourself”. The album is to be released in March 2016 also by Universal Music Poland.

At the same time, the band is starting the TRUE TO YOURSELF TOUR 2016, which it will headline. The tour is supported by Deadpoint and Shodan and has 16 shows across Poland.



BIO Kat & Roman Kostrzewski / www.kat-rk.pl


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666 Concert-Kraków 2016.04.22



“Metal i piekło” - full album, in 10 best albums from 80"s by   TeamRock

www. teamrock.com/feature/2016-07-19/the-10-best-black-metal-albums-from-the-1980s




Video made by their fan



The most important band in Polish thrash metal music was formed in the year 1980. From the moment their debut singles „Last camp / Devil‘s nights“ were released, they received important exposure from local Radio Katowice. That session instigated many a rock festival appearance for the band. KAT‘s successful performance as part of the Jarocin Rock Festival in 1981 resulted in them winning the acclaimed Audience Prize.


With their popularity in the singles market rising, KAT toured with Finnish legends HANOI ROCKS. Their performances were met with rapturous reviews and lead to the recording of their debut album „Metal and hell“ for Belgian Ambush Records (May 1986), and the Polish version titled: „666“ for Musical Club „Razem“. This was an important precursor for the publishing house, leading to their eventual establishment of & in Polish thrash metal.


KAT was joined to Metal Mind Productions, and in May played at Metalmania -the biggest Polish festival with HELLOWEEN, OVERKILL, and RUNNING WILD. This alliance was to inspire some very spectacular and innovative concerts which even incorporated the use of ballet.


As headliners of the Jarocin Rock Festival in 1986, the band starred in a documentary film for BBC Television entitled: „My blood, your blood“. This program was dedicated to Polish rock music.


In 1987, KAT played in Katowice twice- Spodek with METALLICA and at the Metalmania Festival.That same year they released „38minutes of life“ comprising the highlights of these two shows.


The successive album „Breath of extinct worlds“, released in 1989, marked an exceptional progression in KAT..s direction.This album displayed a tendency towards a much more modern sound. Musical differences caused the band to take a break for two years but in 1992 KAT returned with a vengeance releasing the groundbreaking, genre-defying album .“Bastard“, proving they were always one step ahead and a force to be reckoned with. That Summer KAT issued „Ballads“, which revealed their more sensitive side.


Legendary Polish rock music composer JOZEF SKRZEK (SBB) participated in the recording of this album. An extensive tour followed the album‘s release culminating with a concert with MOTORHEAD in Zabrze city.


1996 heralded the release of the monumental, lofty and multi-layered album „Roses of love mostly grow on graves“.

1998 was the year of „Jeerings mirror.“, followed by an intensive touring schedule.


In 2000, KAT underwent a line-up change with the departure of their guitarist who they replaced in 2003 when they hit the road once more with the successful „ KAT on tour again“. In November 2003 the band appeared at the Mistic Festival with IRON MAIDEN, which resulted in the appropriately titled DVD album „Somewhere in Poland“ (2004).

A year later,  KAT changed the name on KAT & Roman Kostrzewski.


Their last official release was a DVD concert taken from the Mega Club in Katowice (April 2007) from the previous tour which ended in February- March of the next year.

"White-Black" is the latest release study team yet been recorded for the July-December 2010. Album was released by Mystic Productions in March 2011, rising to third place in the ranking of best-selling albums in Poland. The band visited London, Dublin, and other Europen cities along with


The year 2013 is the year in which the team celebrated 33rd anniversary playing along with fans from the Sea to the Tatra mountains and from the east to the west of the country.


"Rarities" is the latest (released in November 2013) and perversely oldest publishing house band. The CD contains songs not yet been recorded since the 80s, and never before published. The culmination of this album is a tour of "Rarities Tour 2014", which will be presented much of the material from this album.

Also in 2014, the band has released an acoustic album „Buk- akustycznie“. The album quickly became the bestseller.


In 2015, going along with new trends, the band has re-recorded with new arrangements album „666“. And again, there was a warm welcome to the new album, followed up with many concerts promoting it.

In the mean time there was a change of the guitarist, in place of Piotr Radecki came Jacek Hiro with whom KAT & RK is finishing a totally new album.


Band members

Roman Kostrzewski – vocal

Irek Loth – drummer

Krzysztof Pistelok – guitar

Jacek Hiro – guitar

Michał Laksa – bass